Inspired by my love of all things flora, elegant lines and modern design, my vaseUP range is available in three sizes (small, medium and tall) and five colourways (dark denim blue, sandstone, moody green, caramel and classic white). The refined palate of clays and glazes are gentle on the eye and a delight to live with.

The recent addition of a carved option (small size only) brings another dimension to the vaseUP range and introduces yet more styling and grouping options within this range.

Designed and created with love and care, I hope that these pieces bring beauty, joy and serenity to your retail space, until the find their forever home with your customers.

The vaseUP range is handmade in my studio in Mullumbimby, with each piece high-fired to ensure durability. Please note that, due to the nature of the handmade process, there may be slight variation in the size and colours of the finished products.