My desire to create elegant pieces for the design-driven plant lover remains at the core of my practice. After months of working to perfect a new glaze, I am thrilled to expand the ever-popular planterID range to include dark denim blue. This deep blue provides the perfect contrast for lush foliage and sits in perfect harmony with the existing glaze options of classic white and sandy

As streamlined and functional as ever, each of the three sizes within my planterID range fit a standard plastic pot, increasing the versatility of these statement pieces. The white planters are available with or without a drainage hole and coaster, while the sandy and dark denim blue planters are exclusively available with drainage holes and coasters.

The planterID range is handmade in my studio in Mullumbimby, with each piece slab built and high-fired to ensure durability. Please note that, due to the nature of the handmade process, there may be slight variation in the size and colours of the finished products.

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